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Mujeeb ur Rehman

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    Director Corporate Services
    20 Years
      • Business Finance 
      • Banking Solutions
      • Mortgage Finance

About me

Mujeeb Rehman - Financial Advisor

Mujeeb Rehman, the Financial Advisor has been the part of MTR Expert Consulting Since 2018. He is a graduate with a degree in Finance & Business Management. Inspiration towards finance made him to learn more certification courses which carved him to become the Head of Finance. 


As a certified financial planner, Mujeeb Rehman is particularly passionate about providing you with the essential guidance and support to reach the financial stability and success. His goal is to help you asses, analyze, and manage your finances in a way that will lead you towards a more secure future. 


With his years expertise and experience in financial sector and being a Head of Finance Department in MTR Expert Consulting in Dubai, Mujeeb is dedicated to assist individuals, families, and businesses in the UAE to make the right decisions that will result in a brighter outlook for their future. 


If you require a professional assistance in managing your finance, schedule an initial consultation with Mujeeb, the 20 years experienced financial advisor in Dubai! 

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