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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Planning to start your business in Dubai Mainland? Choose from over 3,000 business activities and enjoy the freedom to do business without any restrictions.

Mainland Company in Dubai

Set Up Your Company in Dubai Mainland

A Dubai mainland company is an onshore entity registered and licensed with the Dubai Economic Department (DED). To start your business in Dubai Mainland, you need to obtain a trade license from the DED. Under the Dubai Mainland Company Setup, there are no restrictions on performing commercial activities. But the important factor is – you need a local sponsor or a UAE National as a business partner to be eligible for a Dubai trade license.  

Setup Your Business in Dubai Mainland

Use our Business Setup Cost Calculator to find out how much your company setup will cost.

Benefits of Setting Up a Dubai Mainland Company

Setting up a company in the Dubai mainland surely has its perks. Some of the major benefits are listed as follows:

  • Zero Trade Restrictions

  • Access to Lucrative Government Contracts

  • 100% Ownership Control of Business Entities

  • Tax Incentives

  • Ease of Opening Business Bank Account

  • No Visa Limitations

How to Set Up a Mainland Company in Dubai

Get started now to setup a mainland company in Dubai by following the below steps. For further queries, you can always discuss with our business setup consultants in Dubai.

Choose Your Business Activity

Before setting up a company in Mainland, UAE, the first thing you must decide is – Your Business Activity. There are over 2000+ business activities permitted by the DED (Department of Economic Development) to be performed on the mainland. 

Find the Ideal Location

After deciding the type of business activity, the next step is to find an ideal location to operate. Mainland business have no restrictions on where they can set up. You can find the right location depend on many factors such as budgeting and your business activity. 

Determine Your Business Type

When it comes to UAE business setup, there are several types of businesses that can be set up by foreign investors. The most common mainland business structure is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). You can get assistance from us to setup an LLC company in Dubai.

Obtain a Local Sponsor or Agent

If an LLC company is operating under a commercial or industrial license, a local sponsor is necessary. Either a UAE citizen or a business with a UAE address can serve as your local sponsor. The local sponsor will hold 51% of the company in both scenarios.

Name Your Company

Decide on a company trade name that conveys your brand and professional values. In the UAE, there are several considerations to keep in mind. In the UAE, there are several considerations to choose your trade name. Get help from us to pick the right trade name for your business. 

Apply for a Mainland Trade License & Visas

After finalizing the trade name, now it’s time to contact the Department of Economic Department to get your Mainland Trade License. Further, you can also apply for visas, as there is no limit for Mainland visa applications for business owners in the UAE. 


Why Is It Best to Establish a Mainland Company in Dubai?

Due to its advantageous position, dynamic economic policies, and forward-thinking planning, United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides the greatest environment in the Gulf and is a fantastic site for establishing mainland companies.

The UAE's service, industry, and trade sectors have flourished thanks to well-thought-out entrepreneurial initiatives, various tax incentives, the avoidance of double taxation, and an abundance of natural resources like oil, which has significantly contributed to the country's status as a thriving business hub.

Why Choose MTR Experts?

Is your business plan ready? Discuss with our professional business consultants in Dubai to set up your company in the Mainland of the UAE. We have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in making their dream businesses into reality. Schedule an initial consultation with us! 

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