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Apply Residence Visa Dubai

Do you require a support to get started with the Dubai residence visa application process? MTR Expert is here to guide you!

Residence Visa Dubai

Apply for Residence Visa in Dubai

Are you planning to relocate to Dubai, the land of opportunities? Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations to live, study, work, and settle. But what makes a living in Dubai so appealing? Foreigners wish to become residents in Dubai as it offers a high quality of life, standardized education, and excellent business opportunities. So, do you want to apply for a residence visa to enjoy your stay in Dubai? Wow, Dubai always welcomes you! But how will you get started with the Dubai residence visa application process? MTR Expert is here to guide you! Before beginning the visa process, here are a few things you need to know. 

Apply for UAE Residence Visa

Get help from us to apply for a UAE Residence Visa without any issues.

Why Apply for a Dubai Residence Visa?

A Dubai residence visa is the mandatory document to enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Opening a personal bank account or corporate business account

  • Buy and invest in properties inside the country

  • Travel freely to and from the UAE multiple times

  • Sponsor your family to enter the UAE

How to Get a Residency Visa in the UAE?

If you're a visitor in Dubai and thinking of becoming a resident in the UAE, there are three different ways to get a Dubai resident visa, and they are as follows:

Be an Employee

By gaining valid employment in the UAE, you will be eligible for a resident visa for 2 or 3 years. The validity of the residence visa will vary depending on the Emirates you are applying for. 

Be a Property Owner

You can become a UAE resident by purchasing or owning a real estate property worth AED 1 Million. Under this category, the visa will be issued for 3 years, and you are not permitted to work in Dubai or UAE using this visa. 

Be a Business Owner

By incorporating a company in Dubai Mainland or Freezone, you will be eligible to apply for a residence visa for three years, and you can sponsor your family members as well. 


Procedure for Visa Renewal in Dubai

The residence visa will be issued with a validity of 2 or 3 years, and it can be renewed multiple times. The cost of residence visa renewal in Dubai will vary depending on the validity of the visa. Steps to renew your UAE Residence Visa: 

The following documents are needed: online application or application through a registered typing office for renewal of residency permit signed by the sponsor, whether public sector, private sector company, or personal sponsor. original passport of the sponsored. photo of the sponsored.

UAE Residence Visa

Dubai Residence Visa Application Process 

The Dubai residence visa application process is as follows:

Obtain an Entry Permit

Your sponsor has to obtain an entry permit from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's online portal. You can get the same from the GDRFA's website or by typing centers. 

Apply for a Residence Visa 

After getting the entry permit, your sponsor will apply for a residence visa at the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs). You need to manage all the paperwork and approvals to get your visa approved without issues. For this, you can always get from professionals like MTR Expert. We will take care of everything to make your residence visa application process stress-free and hassle-free. 

Pay the Processing Fees 

After submitting the visa application, you have to pay the UAE residence visa fees. Further, the fees vary depending on the validity. For investors, the visa validity will be for three years, and for employees, it will 2 years. 

Visa Stamping and Emirates ID Issuance 

In the final stage, GDRFA will stamp your residency visa on your passport. And this proves that you are a UAE resident and can travel to and from Dubai freely as long as your visa is valid. In addition to the visa stamp on your passport, you will receive an Emirates ID card. 

Contact MTR Expert to Apply for a UAE Residence Visa 

Securing a residence visa in Dubai is difficult, as it requires a lot of paperwork. Knowing the UAE rules and regulations beforehand can make your visa application process faster. By contacting MTR Expert in Dubai professionals, you can make your resident visa application process error-free. 

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